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Accounting Services

Accounting System Setup and Review – Assess accounting system structure, design and implement chart of accounts and program and restricted funds tracking systems.

Internal Controls Assessment – Review accounting processes and procedures for effectiveness at controlling risk.

Financial Reporting – Design, prepare and review financial reports.

Cash Receipts and Disbursements Review – Perform periodic review of transactions to ensure they are recorded correctly.

Cost Allocations – Perform employee and administrative allocations.

Budgeting – Develop annual budgets and financial projections. Monitor spending within the approved budget.

Fixed Asset Management – Maintain fixed asset schedules and record depreciation.

Record Investment Transactions – Track investments including posting dividends, interest, sales, purchases, gains and losses.

Asset and Liability Account Reconciliations – Reconcile bank and other asset and liability accounts.

Taxes – Prepare federal, state and local tax returns and reports.

Bookkeeping – Post cash receipts and disbursements. Manage accounts receivable and accounts payable.

Payroll – Process payroll and prepare payroll tax reports.

Bookkeeper Training – Train bookkeeper in posting cash receipts and disbursements, processing payroll and preparing basic tax forms.