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Financial Capacity

Financial capacity contributes to the success of an organization by building trust, providing timely and accurate financial information, using Board and staff time effectively and controlling operations. All of these are essential to maximizing an organization’s success.

We define strong financial capacity as follows:

Leadership – Board members and staff that clearly understand their organization’s finances so they can make informed decisions and provide effective oversight. Effective use of Board and staff time related to financial matters.

Revenue – Strong funder relationships built on trust in the financial management of the organization. Diverse, reliable revenue streams.

Financial Reporting – Timely and accurate financial reports that provide organization leaders, funders and constituents with the information they need.

Policies and procedures – Clear and effective policies that define critical processes and control risk.

Budgeting – Timely and efficient budget process that clearly matches the organization’s resources and objectives. Thoughtful analysis of budget vs. actual results.

Accounting systems – Efficient accounting system that meets all accounting standards, accurately tracks financial transactions and supports clear, accurate and timely financial reporting.

Laws, rules and standards – Full compliance with laws, rules and standards governing financial transactions.

People – Accounting and finance personnel that are knowledgeable and dedicated to the success of the organization.

Spending Control – Spending is maintained within established limits and spending alternatives are carefully analyzed.