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Financial Management Services

Strategic Planning – Partner with the Board of Directors and staff on all operational and strategic issues as they arise providing strategic recommendations based on financial analysis and projections, cost identification and allocation, and revenue and expense analysis.

Board Engagement – Attend Board meetings and present financial information and answer questions. Engage the Board Treasurer, Finance and Audit Committee’s around financial issues. Act as lead staff to these committees.

Staff Engagement - Engage staff members to facilitate collaboration and ensure that all financial needs are positively supported.

Funder Relationship Management – Partner with the Executive Director and Board members in building trust among funders by communicating financial information and discussing the organization’s financial capacity.

Grants and Contracts Compliance - Oversee financial compliance with private and government grants and contracts.

Revenue Development – Help identify and develop alternative sources of revenue.

External Relationship Management - Proactively manage relationships with banks, audit firm, consultants, attorneys and vendors.

Compliance with Laws, Rules and Standards – Ensure legal and regulatory compliance regarding all financial functions.

Policies and Procedures Development – Develop and implement appropriate internal controls and financial procedures.

Investment Management – Develop and implement investment policies and manage investments in conjunction with investment advisors.

Liability Management – Provide debt analysis, negotiate loan terms and monitor compliance with loan covenants.

Cash Flow Management – Provide cash flow planning and ensure availability of funds as needed.

Long Range Forecasting – Prepare long range forecasts based on scenario analysis.

Audit Management - Coordinate annual financial and funder audits.

Oversight and Training – Provide oversight and training of accounting personnel.

Insurance, Employee Benefits and Technology Management – Oversee other operating activities including insurance, employee benefits, and technology.